Discover the secrets of Wroclaw

Together we'll discover the secrets of Wroclaw, learn the curiosities and facts linked to the city and its history.

Discover the history of the Old City

We will take a journey in the steps of the old inhabitants of the capital of Lower Silesia and will reveal the

See what you can not see

We will visit many interesting historical places related to the history of the city and affecting its fate.

Największe atrakcje turystyczne Wrocławia - Ratusz od strony pręgierza

The biggest tourist attractions of Wroclaw

Wroclaw's landmarks are associated with centuries-old history of the city and are scattered across its farthest corners...

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Wrocław Piastów - Widok z wieży Katedry na Wyspy Odrzańskie

Piast’s Wroclaw

Polish Piast Dynasty ruled in Wroclaw in the period of 990–1335 . In light of more than a thousand years...

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Architektura Wrocławia - Most Tumski znany też jako Most Zakochanych

Architecture in Wroclaw

As it is presented in the handbook of architecture, in Wroclaw, there can be traced all the major architectural styles...

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Wrocław - miasto na skrzyżowaniu kultur i narodów

The city at the crossroads of cultures and peoples

Since the dawn of its history Wroclaw was at the intersection of two ancient trade routes of Europe. The ancient...

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I am a native of Wroclaw where I persued my studies and recieved a master degree in history of art at the University of Wroclaw. One of my passions is the architecture of Wroclaw. Although several times in my life I was proposed to change my place of residence, I decided to stay here. Why? I simply could not imagine my life without the possibility of walking around the Cathedral...

Autor WCD

Wroclaw? Curious why?

Why wroclaw’s trams are blue? Why turtles swim in municipal fosse and the railway station looks like a castle? Why padlocks hangs on the Tumski Bridge and the Swordsman is naked? Why the Centennial Hall was listed on the UNESCO world heritage site? When we are walking through Wrocław, everything seems to be known and oblivious. However when we start to asking ourselves “Why?”, it turns out that Wrocław is...

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W zależności od ilości czasu, jakim Państwo dysponujecie oraz od indywidualnych preferencji, proponuję różnego rodzaju wycieczki po mieście. Trasa spaceru oraz odwiedzane miejsca zawsze dopasowuje do Państwa gustu.

For small and big


As a guide to the city of Wroclaw I'm working with: Travel agencies Companies Schools Kindergartens Pilgrims Individual tourists I understand very well that tourists...

City tour

Ostrów Tumski

I recommend a wide variety of city tours, according to your individual preferences and depending on the time you have available to spend in Wroclaw....



Before choosing a particular tour I suggested to take a moment to watch short video guides showing the most interesting places you can visit while...



Below you will find the basic price list of tourist services.

Zwiedzanie PL

Tour of Wroclaw

in Polish

490 - 790 zł

Zwiedzanie EN

Tour of Wroclaw

in English

590 - 890 zł

Zwiedzanie Noc

Tour of Wroclaw

In the night

450 zł

Pets Welcome

Pets Welcome for tourist... with pets. Have you ever wanted to visit Wroclaw with pets? Now it will be easier with the help of guides, who will tell you what kind of hotel will accpet pets, where you can eat in the company of cuddly, and will also ponit out people who take care of our pets for few hours.

This is a base of animal-friendly places in Wroclaw. It's kept up to date and now has over 220 seats that do not close the doors in front of pets...


Ciekawostki i informacje związane z branżą turystyczną we Wrocławiu.


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