City tour

Ostrów TumskiI recommend a wide variety of city tours, according to your individual preferences and depending on the time you have available to spend in Wroclaw.

I organize day trips in the three possible options:

  • to 3 hours
  • to 5 hours
  • to 8 hours

You can choose between walking or walking-bus tours, according to the plan when we move on to explore the remote corners of the city. During the daylong stay in Wroclaw is possible to combine a walking trip with:

  • a boat tour along the Oder river
  • historic tram ride

I organize a two-day tour in Wroclaw in three possible options:

  • first day about 8 hours, the second day 3 hours
  • first day about 8 hours, the second day to 5 hours
  • first day approximately 8 hours, second two to eight hours either

It is possible to arrange a night sightseeing tour (up to 4 hours).

Also I can adopt duration of the visit to your needs and expectations and arrange for an individual program of sightseeing